In my small studio located in the city of Malmö (south of Sweden) I make short series of functional stoneware. The signum is basic and classic with few different clays and glazes. I sell directly from my studio or from my webshop.

I also work with projects for exhibitions. For more than fifteen years I've used the red clay from a small abandoned brickyard - I dig it up myself and use it directly from the ground. The clay reflects the brickyard heritage in the region and in my work it also expresses my impressions from the site, which the nature now has recaptured.
I am born (1968) in Malmö. After my university degree in cultural-, society- and media science (1991-1996) and a few years of working full time (1997-1999) I completed the ceramic education at Capellagården, Carl Malmsten School, Öland (1999-2001). After graduation I started to work for professor Signe Persson-Melin as an assistant in several different projects (2001-2005).
Since 2001 I have my own business at Helmfeltsgatan in Malmö. Since 2007 I also work parttime for the national Arts and Crafts Organisation Konsthantverkscentrum as project developer/manager.
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Visitingadress: Helmfeltsgatan 8, Malmö
Phone: +46 (0) 736 83 67 58
E-post: info@pernillanorrman.se

I'm connected to the following organisations within the artfield:
Konsthantverkscentrum - Swedish Arts and Crafts Center
KRO/KIF - Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers
DISK - Designers in Skåne
KKVM - Artist´s Collective Monumental Workshop in Malmö